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June 23, 2014 by Autumn

Embark on a new adventure with the sweet smell of salt in the air, as the ocean breeze kisses your skin.


The Bookmark is located one block from the shores of Neptune Beach, FL, giving it the charm of a bookstore and the breeziness of a salt life. Upon my arrival at this exquisite find, I am welcomed with the warmth and comfort that mirrors a lifelong friendship. The first thing I notice is how open and inviting the setting is for the beautiful stories the shelves hold within them. As I turn to my right I am gazing upon the fiction section and I see that the genres are delicately written on small chalkboards which playfully show what you might be in search of. Just above the books in this particular section are canvases that display written messages and autographs of some of the wonderful authors who have traveled here.


As I continue through the store I am greeted by biographies, mysteries, employee favorites, and of course my favorite, the poetry and classics genres. I am always so gleeful when I see that one simple word, classics. This to me is an every day is Christmas, or dessert before dinner kind of word… classics. Classic novels, as well as classic authors, hold a very dear place in my heart, but paired with poetry in The Bookmark is pure bliss. I take a few minutes to stroke the backs of some of my favorites which in this case included: Poe, Bronte, and Hemingway. The care and thought that is put into the displays of books is well thought out and executed beautifully.


In the back of the store is the beloved children’s section. This genre is full of bold colors and inviting things to touch and look at. There are books for all ages as well as games and stuffed animals, all there for the picking. In this specific section there are special books written by Annette Simon called Robot Burp Head Smartypants and Robot Zombie Frankenstein. Although I have not read these books myself, I know them to be special because the woman who writes them works in the store and I had the immense pleasure of meeting her.


As I make my way back to the front of the store there are books for cooking, books about Florida, and the most beautiful couch I have ever seen. Antique, with a slow faded rust colored fabric and dark wood trim… completely stunning. As I pull myself away from the exquisite couch, I make it to the counter area and find all of the gifts and goodies they have to offer. There is stationary, buttons, canvas bags, coffee mugs and journals all waiting to be taken home by the next passerby. This part of the store offers the perfect eccentricities of the average bibliophile.


The couch.

The couch.


The Bookmark is an out of the way find, that makes you feel welcome as soon as you open the door. The shop has a large selection of books to choose from, while offering the comforts of a place you’ve been before. If you are lucky enough to come into this store and meet its owner, Dr. Rona Brinlee you will be even more happy of your choice of destinations. Mrs. Brinlee is the heart of the store and is a kind woman who cares about her store and the people in it.

The Bookmark is ethereal in every way and filled with the words of great authors of yesterday and today. No matter the distance you will never be sorry you made a trip to this wonderful oasis by the sea.


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