Chamblin Bookmine

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June 16, 2014 by Autumn

Find yourself as you weave through the mazes of the Chamblin Bookmine.


Located in an almost hidden locale, this local bookstore is a book lovers dream. As soon as you walk in you are surrounded by the presence of books. They are high and low and left and right. There are titles you love to remember and new ones you have yet to visit. This particular bookshop houses thousands and thousands of books with more coming in every day. The information provided on their website states that they are 98% rare and used books and 2% new, making the treasures one finds here even more alluring.


As you walk through the stacks and stacks loaded with books. you find yourself transported into a mythical land where time stands still. This labyrinth seems to never end, and truthfully you don’t want it to. The strategic way the books are labeled into genres helps in finding whatever it is you may be seeking, while also peaking your interest in places you never thought to go.

Make sure to wander into the Chamblin Bookmine next time you are in search for something. You will never leave this wondrous place empty handed.


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