Sweetwood Books


June 10, 2014 by Autumn

Come inside and immerse yourself in the depths of hominess.


Located in the small but cozy Fleming Island, FL we find the treasure that is Sweetwood Books. As you walk in you are immediately greeted by a friendly face, accompanied with a warm welcome. The sweet soulful sounds of the eclectic mixture that plays upon your ears sets the tone for the experience you are now encased in. The dark cherry wood beneath your feet matches the shelves that are hugging the books that are housed here. The books are the main centerpiece of this quaint little oasis, and although they may not be large in numbers, are made up for in terrific new adventures. Leather bound copies of some of my favorite classic tales draw me in as I see their bold colors with words jumping  from their covers enticing you to take a peek.

Sweetwood Books offers selections from all genres, making it a place of comfort but also a place to peruse the new and exciting. Little trinkets line the shelves and walls allowing for your book buying experience to also offer more to each person in search of something they didn’t know they were looking for. The children’s corner showcases an exquisite mural hand painted by Jessica Becker. This mural displays classic characters entwined in a tree of fantasy and delight playing around in the minds of the people below who are reading about them.


This bookstore is so much more than a bookstore. It’s an adventure waiting to take place. A ship with buried treasure. And a home to call your own when the world stays silent.


One thought on “Sweetwood Books

  1. Will E. says:

    What an inviting description. Sweetwood Books sounds like a sanctuary for readers of all ages. As for someone like myself who doesn’t immerse themselves in many books, after reading this piece, I find myself wanting to visit such an interesting destination.

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