Beloved books.

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December 5, 2013 by Autumn

Throughout my research on the best possible way to advertise books, I found that there is really no “bad” way to accomplish this task. Of course there is always one that stands out more than the others and I believe in this case it is social media. Facebook and Twitter can be the best tools an author has in their arsenal. How can one go wrong with free publicity and the availability to know what your audience wants and thinks so quickly without running statistical data reports? You can’t go wrong.

I would like to bring up the inspiring fact that actual book sales are up and on the rise. In research gathered by the Association of American Publishers, hardback novels are up 10% in just the first 8 months of 2013; while eBook sales are steadily dropping. This is very good news to my fellow lovers of holding an actual book in their hands. I will mention though that with this good news, Kindles still seem to be gaining sales every year. I can only hope with the decrease in eBooks, that people are purchasing Kindles for other tablet related reasons and are buying books instead of their digital counterpart.

Books are to be treasured, for they will take you to places you can only travel to within their pages.

"a delightful society..."

“a delightful society…”

Love Books.

Love Books.

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