Social media is an authors “friend.”

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December 4, 2013 by Autumn

Social media is one of the largest forms of communication in the world today. Facebook is the home to over a billion users worldwide; Twitter comes in second at over 550 million, and Instagram in third with 150+ million users. These types of platforms are used daily by users, which is why it makes perfect sense for authors to take advantage of this type of access to their audiences.

Luanne Rice is an author of 31 fantastic novels, most of which I have read, and uses her Facebook page to advertise her newest works. Rice currently has a following of over 46,000 likes on her Facebook page and with 22 New York Times best sellers, this is no surprise. When she recently released her two newest novels this year, she took to her Facebook wall to promote each of the books.

E. L. James, famed author of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, is a regular on Twitter with over 450,000 followers. Within this particular medium, James is in an almost constant state of promotion for her books and now movie.

With social media being what it is, and the grand scale at which one can connect with their public’s, it is slightly more realistic to gain a larger audience all because you have Facebook and Twitter. The promotion of a book or a series of books is simple and straight forward on the websites displaying a one shot picture of the cover. This type of publicity is even better than word of mouth because the “mouth” is from the author whom intrigued you in the first place.

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