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December 4, 2013 by Autumn

In today’s society, no matter the statistical data, I believe magazines hold their own when it comes to readership. Within the pages of all types of magazines whether they are specific topics or general interest, there is talk of books. In a lot of magazines I find there are at least one or two pages showing off a few works of interest coming out that week or month and including a synopsis to pique the reader’s interest. Is this enough?

The New Yorker is one of the oldest and most popular general interest magazines in publication dating back to 1925. People Magazine is a more entertainment based resource that floods every newsstand all over the country, and it dates back to 1974. And Rolling Stone is a sometimes controversial pop culture magazine that started in 1967. All of these magazines in their varied fields make space for spreading their affinity for books.

Although these magazines do have sections carved out just for the specific purpose of advertising a few select authors work, it is much harder to find an actual advertisement. In flipping through a few magazines I generally found one advertisement for a book in the entire magazine. Obviously with any type of advertising the reason for lack of advertisements is price.

Rolling Stone magazine contained a full page advertisement for a Sylvia Day trilogy that offered a few opinions from critics on the page along with tantalizing adjectives of description.

Rolling Stone Magazine ad.

Rolling Stone Magazine ad.

People magazine also had a one page spread for a novel by Liane Moriarty. This too held offerings from critics and the “#1 New York Times Best Seller” boldly tagged.

People Magazine ad.

People Magazine ad.

I do find that these ads get lost somewhere in the page turning to find the story that made us purchase the magazine in the first place. Do you think magazines are a good source of advertising for books or do they get lost in the mix somewhere?


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