Advertising for the ear.


December 3, 2013 by Autumn

It is estimated that the average person, in their lifetime, spends roughly 7% of their life in a car. At somewhere around a time span of 5 years riding in or driving a car the advertisements we see and hear become influential. Would a radio commercial be a good avenue for books to pursue?

Radio is not just a thing of the past; it reaches more audiences every day with the availability of the internet. The question is how many people actually pay enough attention to radio commercials for it to be a beneficial path for books to take?  According to a Nielsen study on “To What Extent Do You Trust Forms of Advertising,” radio ads came in at 57% making radio a pretty decent place for advertisements.

An ad for the radio can cost as little as $25 up to hundreds of dollars per time the ad is ran and depending on your location as well as the time slot of the advertisement. Although this may not be the correct financial path for an author to take, radio itself is. Another idea is to advertise on internet radio stations. These particular commercials cannot be turned off or changed making the 15 to 30 seconds you have to watch it invaluable.

Another way to look at radio is National Public Radio. This is one of the largest radio syndicates in the country with 900 public radio stations. NPR casts a very wide net on the topics their radio stations discuss, but one topic finds its home in many of the stations and that is books. This type of personal advertisement where the author is talking about their work, adds more interest to the book itself.

What would a radio advertisement for a book sound like? Would it be as enticing without an actual picture? And is a personal interview on a radio talk show better than a 10 second commercial?

Here are two websites for NPR book related shows:

Back Seat Book Club

Book Tour


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