Book Trailers?


December 2, 2013 by Autumn

In a world that is reliant on entertainment and media, it is essential that a product, device, food, brand, or in this case book, is advertised in the best possible way. Movie trailers are seen and talked about daily around the globe bringing more hype to the newest blockbuster. What if there were trailers or commercials made for books? With this particular avenue, millions of people would see and hear about the newest best seller faster than word of mouth.

Of course there is a downside to this trailer/commercial idea. The average commercial during a noon broadcast of the news would cost anywhere from $200-$500. If an author were to have a much bigger audience in mind such as prime time, the cost could be as high as $300,000+ depending on the network the commercial would be airing on.

A plan B would be YouTube. This site offers loyal readers, as well as newcomers, the availability of being able to watch a “book trailer”. YouTube is already the host of many book trailers that are made by authors but also by fans who make their favorite books into stars. One author in particular, Melissa de la Cruz offers visitors of her website the opportunity to watch trailers of some of her works allowing them a visual to either entice them to read the book or to give fans of the book an added bonus to the experience.

Although the production of a trailer or commercial for television is not a practical advertising strategy for books, it is a good idea. This type of advertisement allows the readers to expand on their imagination. Luckily for those who do like a good book trailer, there are many websites dedicated to just that. Do you think a book trailer would be more beneficial than word of mouth?

Here is a book trailer for Melissa de la Cruz:

Here are websites that offer book trailers:


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